Our Pricing

Tours last approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes and are offered every day at seasonal times, weather permitting. The price is $45 per adult and $20 for children 6-12 years old. No children under 6 years old except infants. We pick up at most local hotels, or start downtown near Basin Park. 2 Hour Private Connoisseur tour available for $65/person. Min. 3

Competitive Pricing

The Big Private Space Travel Guys

Cost $400 - $500k

Need to Travel to New Mexico

Supersonic speed of travel

3-4 days of training required

Peak experience of about 4 minutes weightless

No Pets allowed

Small chance of horrifying fiery death

Eureka Rocket

Cost $45

Do it right in Beautiful and lush Eureka Springs

We go really fast

No training is required at all, just a need for speed!

Peak experience lasts 80-90 minutes

Well-behaved pets allowed

The only chance of death is from laughing too hard.