The Experience

Discover the Miracles of Eureka Springs

The Eureka Rocket Experience

You will dig deep into the origins of the magic water that is the very reason Eureka Springs is here. There are 63 Springs in Eureka Springs, and most of them have been thought to cure a variety of diseases. Some people believe the water is still MAGIC! We will visit more than a dozen springs, not just one or two as on other tours. You will hear about the miraculous cures and perhaps even experience one yourself!

You will learn about the commercialization of the water, and how it led Eureka Springs to become a wild and prosperous place. You will also hear how it became a place that invited all sorts of curious characters including Carry Nation, Al Capone, and the first settlers, all whom have added to the unique fabric of Eureka Springs. You might even see a lucky elusive white squirrel on your tour.

Discover Miracles

You will learn about many of the amazing miracles through the lens of a pilgrim, retracing the steps so many walked in search of a cure. Over the course of the tour, you will visit many springs and learn what makes each special and miraculous.

People have been cured of almost anything you can think of, from Porphyria to Fibrodysplasia to COVID and even uncommon diseases like rashes and common colds. Maybe a miracle is waiting for you!

History of the Springs

The history of Magic Water in Eureka Springs goes back through native legends at least 1000 years. Dr Alvah Jackson “discovered” Basin Spring in 1856 (Much the same way Columbus “discovered” America) and when the general public found out about it in 1879 the town exploded to over 15,000 residents in a year.

People came from all over the world, to take the magic cure. They would go to 10-12 springs a day, sampling the water, to be sure they were drinking the one that would magically cure whatever ailed them. And there are dozens of stories of miraculous cures for almost any disease you can imagine. We will recreate that 19th-century pilgrimage from Spring to Spring, recounting the stories of some of those pilgrims.

Experience Eureka Springs Like Never Before!

Get ready to blast off through history on the Eureka Rocket! Explore the quirkiest and coolest small town in America with a personable and professional local guide. You will take a deep dive into the story of the magic water that is the reason Eureka Springs was founded. Learn about the architecture and the civil engineering miracle, as well as entertaining stories about colorful, notorious and mystical characters who have graced our presence over an improbable 140-plus-year history.

It is the most amazing history lesson you will ever have, and all while Rocketing in style. Avoid the worst part of “The Stair Step Town” and see 20 times more in a fun and entertaining hour and a half.